Donna Wilt About Hero

I knew I wanted to be a massage therapist at a young age. Phoebe from Friends had a lot to do with my initial interest. After taking a couple years post high school to find myself, I attended a locally owned and operated school in central Phoenix called West Wind Academy of Massage Therapy. I believe in an eclectic, client centered approach to massage with a focus on meeting the client’s realistic goals using my nearly two decades of experience and continued education I have invested into my practice. Sessions are customized to meet each client’s unique goals and needs.

After 11 years as a licensed massage therapist, I enrolled in aesthetics school. I wanted to expand my skill set, and to take a more involved role in treating my own problematic skin. Through that education, and a lot of independent research, I found Rhonda Allison cosmeceuticals and my skin finally found a healthy homeostasis. With focused treatments, specialized ingredients, and targeted home care regiments, I am so excited to help facilitate healthy changes in skin types from teen and young adult acne, anti-aging concerns, to psoriasis and rosacea. Every skin type and condition will benefit from professional treatments and uniquely prescribed home care products with the right provider to fine tune the treatment plan.

How we feel in our physical bodies, and how we see our physical bodies has a powerful influence on how we feel about ourselves. I hope to be part of your wellness plan to help you feel good about how you feel, and how you look.